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Are Contact Lenses Right For You?

With everyday disposable contact lenses, there is absolutely no need for proper lens care. Simply put in a new pair at your eye care facility and throw them out the night before. Then, begin the second day with a new set. All you do is replace your contact lenses and wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling, inserting, or removal of your contact lenses.


Proper lens care

is important for the safety and maintenance of your eyes. When you remove your lenses it is important to clean and disinfect your hands. The recommended wearing schedule for contacts is to wear your lenses as recommended for a minimum of one week, then remove them for at least another week to allow for bacteria to kill the germs that are causing eye irritations and infections. However, it is important to note that while the recommended wearing schedule is to wear your lenses for one week, it is not written in stone and should be considered as an option or necessity rather than a rule.


After removing your contact lenses

you should rinse them in running warm water. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions on the package very carefully. Then you should let them air dry in a clean area outside your home. When you feel that they are dry, you can store them for the week if you intend to keep wearing your contacts throughout the month. It is important to remember to clean and disinfect them as soon as they have been removed from your eyes.


Once your contact lenses

are cleaned and disinfected, you will be able to wear them again. There are two different types of contact lens care; soft contact lens care and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lens care. This is not a comprehensive overview of either type of care. Wearers should consult with their eye doctor or optometrist for detailed information on the specific benefits of each type of care and how it is administered. However, both share some similarities.


To maintain good health and vision,

wearers should be diligent about the health of their contact lenses and should see their eye doctors every six months to one year for a general check-up and then every year for a complete eye exam to determine the level of risk for eye health problems such as vision loss and infection. Wearing contact lenses for a long time without proper care can result in eye infections, dryness, skin irritation, headaches, and muscle and back pain. The frequency of doctor visits will depend on the severity of each of these issues.


Eye makeup

is used to provide the appearance of a perfect smile. Some people may choose to skip the application of makeup by using disposable contact lenses. This is because of the discomfort and potential hazards of eye makeup. While this does help reduce the need to apply eye makeup, regular cleanings and disinfecting of the contact lens cases are essential to ensure that no bacteria or other harmful bacteria makes its way into the eyes and the eye doctor or optometrist will be able to identify the source of the contamination.

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