Can I Change My Contact Lens Size?

these lenses can cause discomfort due to their heavy and extended usage

In spite of many advantages of Scleral Lenses, there are some disadvantages of using these lenses that we need to discuss. For instance, they are best suited for people who have astigmatism and nearsightedness. Their biggest advantage is that they will never cause nearsightedness or astigmatism. However, they also cause irritation, because they are heavy and need to be worn for several hours a day.

Scleral Lenses are large-sized GP lenses which don’t directly contact the corneal surface. Instead, they are distributed over a large area on the soft, sensitive sclera, or transparent part of the eye, as opposed to the thin, firm and smooth corneal surface of spherical lenses. Comfort since they don’t directly contact the eye at all (the most sensitive part of the body), they rest comfortably on the sensitive sclera and provide near-complete comfort. Another advantage is that scleral lenses have very good correction properties and they can achieve high magnification with the least distortion.

There are some disadvantages as well

First, scleral lenses can lead to significant astigmatism after long-term wear. In addition, this iris irregularity may get worse with time, making the patient experience discomfort. The irregular shape of the eye’s cornea, the lack of a cushioning layer in the middle of the eye and the lack of stability of the iris can cause the patient to experience discomfort when wearing the lens. Also, the practitioners find that as we age, vision tends to deteriorate slightly without any significant change in the eye’s refractory period.

Keratoconus, or Koker-Koker Cataract, is an inherited condition that can cause severe and even debilitating glaucoma. It can be extremely painful, and in some cases, it can completely block the pupil and result in diminished vision. Because of this, many ophthalmologists and surgeons prefer to avoid contact lenses as well. However, when the patient has sufficiently compensated for the disadvantages of wearing contact lenses, such as visual discomfort and eye damage, they can be worn occasionally. Because the scleral ring tends to move out of place over time, contact lenses cannot be replaced on a continuous basis. The only way to overcome this constant movement is by either increasing the size of the scleral lens, replacing the contact lenses or waiting for them to fall out of place due to loss of pressure within the eye.

Contact lenses can be used for people with astigmatism

Astigmatism occurs when the front surface of the eye does not perfectly fit the image created by the corneal layer. In the case of astigmatism, the irregularly shaped corneas cause light to reflect in different directions, resulting in blurred vision. Because the scleral rings are made up of a material that does not retain moisture, they are prone to becoming displaced from their original position. Contact lenses can be used for people with astigmatism, but they can also cause irritation of the eyes, increased pressure on the eyelids, and may not provide the clear vision they were designed to provide.

When it comes to regular glasses, all three of these issues can be solved at once. You can purchase standard contact lenses, which can be removed and replaced easily, and then you can buy astigmatism corrective sclerals to correct your vision. You will always have a pair of contact lenses available, because you can just increase or decrease their size to fit your particular needs. Glasses can be awkward to wear all day long, while contact lenses can be put in place and removed whenever you want.

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