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Erectile Disfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the most frequent sexual complaint faced by men. Among the various treatment options for erectile dysfunction the most widely used is Viagra, the brand of drug is also commonly referred to as the “agra of the Gods” by its users and partners. It is however advised that one should not rely on just any medication as a treatment. For it to be effective the medication should work as intended by the manufacturer.


Men suffering from erectile dysfunction often complain of low libido. Even though many consider it to be purely a male issue, the fact is that women to experience low libido in the course of their menstrual cycle. Low libido in both the sexes can have adverse effects on both personal and relationship life. When there is lack of interest in intimate relations and sexual activities due to this reason alone it leads to a breakup of relationships. The negative impact of erectile dysfunction on relationships cannot be ignored and hence it is imperative that a solution is found for it. Various treatment options are available and the foremost is Viagra.

Since there are many brands available in the market, it is advisable that men should shop around for the best product. Some of the leading companies provide free trials of their products so that customers can assess the actual working effect. When the medication proves to be effective the customer is then offered a long term discount and the trial period is continued until the product is out of stock. Many of the companies offer discounts as much as 80% of the normal retail price.


Viagra has been formulated especially for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and has therefore, shown significant results in its effectiveness. Since it works on the principle of blocking the production of nitric oxide in the penis becomes stronger and therefore produces more blood. This blood now becomes capable of carrying more semen and leads to more erections.

Before taking any medication it is advisable that men check their blood pressure and try to control it. Drugs such as Viagra can only be used if there is some underlying medical problem. For example, if you suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes, you should not take this medication. Further, if you suffer from cardiac problems, epilepsy, anemia or diabetes you should not use this medication either.


Another aspect that is worth mentioning is the fact that not all these drugs work for everyone. Hence it is important that a person consult a doctor before going for any medication. Also before taking this medication you should see your doctor who will be able to tell you the right dosage. There are also herbal medicines which help in treating erectile dysfunction.

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