EYEGLASSES prescription

Know Your EYEGLASSES prescription

Eyeglass contacts are an accessory that you wear when you want to change the color or design of your eyes. Prescription eyeglasses are designed to correct vision problems and enhance your appearance. There are many types of eyeglass lenses that you can choose from. Here are some examples:


You can find EYEGLASSES

for either soft lenses or rigid gas permeable (RGP) ones. Choose one depending on the shape of your face. You can choose to get either round or square-shaped spectacles. The shape of the glasses frames should be chosen according to the prescription information you have. You can also purchase new lenses for your glasses frames from our website.



can also be used to replace lenses on prescription glasses. Round-shaped soft lenses are ideal for people with round-shaped spectacles. Square-shaped glasses are perfect for those who have square-shaped spectacles. RGP prescription glasses can be easily replaced with new glasses frames from our website.


If you have an eye problem such as strabismus

you should consider getting an enhancement called crossopia correction eyeglasses. Cross vision describes a condition where objects in front of you will look blurred when you look at them. The word “cross” comes from “crest,” which is Latin for “cross.” The name “cross lenses” comes from the shape of the cross, which is very important in this case. The shape of the frame of the glasses is very important as well. An eyeglass lenscrafter will tell you what shape you should get your new frames in.


There are two types of EYEGLASSES: polycarbonate and carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber glasses are stronger than polycarbonate ones but they are heavier. You can also get anti-glare coatings on your new lenses. An anti-glare coating prevents sunlight from entering through the lenses. It is available for all EYEGLASSES, but some coatings are more effective on certain brands.


Having quality lenses in your eyeglasses is essential.

You cannot play sports or even work on computers if you do not wear comfortable, reliable, and strong eyeglasses. EYEGLASSES are made to fit all kinds of spectacles so that no one will be able to tell you’re wearing glasses. Get new lenses for your frames today.


If you prefer to buy your own pair of prescription eyeglasses

but would like to have your sight corrected without a prescription, you can visit Lens Crafters and pick up a pair of Eyeglass Framers Eyewear. This company sells both bifocal and non-bifocal lenses and has an in-store lens factory. This company also offers free shipping when you purchase three pairs of sunglasses or when you buy an extended warranty plan for your EYEGLASSES. The online ordering system is easy and you can usually get overnight shipping for your favorite pair of glasses.


Eyeglass Frames Direct

is another noteworthy site feature that sells new and used frames as well as prescription lenses. You can also check out their other accessories, such as sunglasses, contact lenses, clip-on, and cases. This company also offers free shipping, no deductibles, no taxes, and no sales tax on your order. Order today.

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