Methods of Embroidery

When looking for a great United States flag for display outside, think about a flag manufactured with all-weather/all-weather nylon. This is the latest and greatest material being used in the construction of today’s flags. These all-weather/all-weather nylon flags come in a variety of colors and designs. These flags will withstand rain, sun, fog, snow, shine, mold, fungus, insect, flame, hail, and just about anything else Mother Nature can toss at it. When you are choosing your flag, be sure that the flag is made with all-weather/all-weather nylon.


All-Weather/All Weather flags

Nylon flags were originally manufactured for use as military hardware. After the nylon was employed in building the US flag, it was also used for creating fire trucks, flame-retardant coats, safety flares, traffic lights, banners, and more. Now, these nylon flags come in all different sizes, colors, and designs. Many are made with reflective material on the underside so they can be easily spotted in the rain or shine. These flags will stand up to any type of weather and come in a variety of colors.


Canvas Headings There are many uses for canvas headings on flags.

These are typically a two-by-three-foot piece of canvas attached to a ten-inch pole. All of the standard flag shapes can be attached to this pole. The flag can either be left unadorned, or it can be adorned with colorful pennants, logos, slogans, etc. Some of these flags are designed to float while others have specially designed tops that provide added stability while the banner is afloat. When purchasing a flag with canvas headings, be sure that the material is made of cotton duck canvas which is highly sturdy.


Nylon Stitching A popular alternative to standard stitching is nylon stitching.

Nylon stitches are strong and durable and can be created with any standard size flag or other large items. This is the perfect method for those who may prefer the look of a stitch that is not permanently attached to the material. It is also the preferred choice of most designers since nylon flags usually last longer than other methods of stitching.


Lock Stitching Although it is no longer used to manufacture official American flags,

some stores still sell patriotic-themed flags that are constructed with lock stitching. If you are looking for an exceptional flag that features a distinctive design and colors, this is one option that will not disappoint. Lock stitching has a neat, professional look to it and is quite inexpensive when compared to most other methods of embroidery. This technique can be used for standard-sized American flags or smaller flags that are difficult for standard sewing methods to handle.


Grommets Although not originally designed as part of the sewing pattern for flags,

grommets are often used for such purposes. Often called “pocket” grommets, these flat dumplings are used to add a small amount of flare to larger American flags, or to add additional color or texture to smaller flags. Grommets are available in several different styles and sizes, so it is easy to find one that will work well for your specific needs. If you want to create a unique look on your next large American flag’s design, consider using grommets.

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