Renewable Energy Tax Credit – Time to Act Now to Obtain 20% Tax Credit For Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Tax Credit is a critical piece of legislation for the country’s future. It is expected to be included in the tax reform package that Congress is going to pass in the coming weeks. What exactly is in store for the legislation? For starters, it is looking very good for the renewable energy sector, which has been crying out for this type of credit since its inception. As things stand now, it appears that the solar industry will be one of the major beneficiaries.


the development of residential energy efficiency property credits

The main focus of the current legislation is to reward those who invest in solar panels and other forms of renewable energy technology. Many state-level governments, as well as municipalities around the country, have long been supporting the development of residential energy efficiency property credits. Now, the federal government is finally jumping into the mix and is offering the maximum amount of rebates for people who invest in commercial or non-residential applications of these systems.


the Renewable Energy Tax Credit

If you are considering purchasing any type of renewable technology equipment, you will want to check out the Renewable Energy Tax Credit. In particular, you may be interested in learning that the rebate system is being revamped to encourage more people to get into solar energy. This would be an excellent time to invest in fuel cells and other types of renewable power cell technologies.


What exactly will the new Renewable Energy Tax Credit system do?

It is expected that the rebate rate for tax credits will be considerably increased. That means that the cost of purchasing and using solar cells and other forms of renewable energy technology will be much less in the coming years. Those incentives are also expected to start to phase out over the next few decades. That means even more money that can be put back into the U.S. economy for other things.


Why are we waiting for the federal government to get this done?

In part, it simply is not a priority. The Renewable Energy Tax Credit is expected to come into effect for commercial projects that employ one person or a small number of employees. For those companies, it is really not worth investing thousands of dollars on a project that will only pay off a few dollars in rebate revenue over the next few years. The money would be better invested in keeping the lights on at your residential facility.


the changeover from traditional energy sources to cleaner

When the government wants to make sure that they are doing all that they can to stimulate the economy and make it more possible for the nation to continue to prosper, they should not wait until the end of the year to pass something as important as the Renewable Energy Tax Credit. That way, more people can be properly incentivized to make the changeover from traditional energy sources to cleaner, renewable energy technologies. That way, we can continue to have access to clean, renewable energy resources to help us continue as a nation to thrive in the 21st century.

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