The Different Materials Used in Shoe Making

Shoes are an important piece of footwear meant to support and comfort the foot. Shoes have also been used as an object of fashion and ornament for thousands of years. The design of shoes indeed has changed vastly through time and with each civilization, the style of shoes was tied to social status. These days though, shoes are seen not so much as accessories but as a mode of dressing. This evolution has come about because shoes have undergone substantial changes in the structure, materials, and function. Modern shoes have even further broadened their boundaries to include the protection of the foot as well as the fit, style, and comfort.



In earlier times shoes were very simple in their function: to protect the toes. But today’s shoes have become so much more than protection for the feet. Shoes nowadays are known to serve as work shoes, sports footwear, formal shoes, casual shoes, or even boots. And all these shoes have one thing in common: the soles of the shoes must be sturdy enough to withstand the stress of even the toughest physical activity. Soles need to have a special surface area in order to take the heavy weight of the wearer’s body and the natural pressure of walking.


A shoe is usually a man-made article of clothing meant to protect the wearer against the hazards of outdoor weather. But apart from that, shoes have also become a fashion statement. Shoe designers have designed and created new styles of shoes each season which keep pace with the ever changing trends in fashion. But no matter what kind of shoe you are looking for, you are sure to find something that will look great on you.

Shoe Style

Shoe style can be divided into three categories: Regular shoes, sandals/wearing, and hiking boots. Among these categories of shoes, there is footwear that is categorized according to the materials used to make them. One of the most popular materials to make shoes is rubber-soled. This means that the material used is flexible and pliable so that it can be shaped into different shapes such as clogs, shoes, and sneakers.

Shoe materials can be divided further into two groups: leather and rubber soled. Leather shoes and boots are heavier than other shoes and boots and are best suitable for people who are used to walking and standing for a long period of time. Because of their weight, these shoes require a stronger heel because the heel can easily be damaged if the shoe is not properly fitted. In addition, shoes and boots with rubber soles have a sturdier heel which is less likely to get damaged because the shoe does not slip when the ground is wet.


Apart from being worn for formal and casual wear, shoes also have other uses. These include going to the office, going to school, and shopping. Shoes can help protect your feet while you are walking through these places since they can protect from abrasions and bumps on floors. Furthermore, they can also protect your toes from getting hurt because some sneakers have soles made out of rubber and this makes it more comfortable for people who are walking on carpeting. Shoes and sneakers are also considering a fashion statement because nowadays there are a lot of people wearing fashionable shoes such as sneakers and designer shoes.

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