Wakizashi Sword – Samurai’s Choice

Japanese mini katana samurai swords

Hand crafted, traditional Japanese mini katana samurai swords. The Wakizashi Sword is among the original Japanese swords used in Feudal Japan by samurai warriors. Forged from tempered stainless steel, the wakizashi sword comes with all the durability of a large full size katana yet is the perfect travel size and compact. It is perfect for storage or for easy transportation when on the go.

The tradition of using a katana to defend oneself dates back to old Samurai times. The wakizashi sword was often carried concealed in the belt and worn underneath the cloth along with a belt pouch. Samurai warriors would practice striking at their own swords as a form of weapon training and as a means of gaining personal confidence.

steel blade

Making a wakizashi is not as difficult as some may think. A good quality high carbon steel blade is cut into the proper length for a comfortable fit. High quality Japanese swordsmiths ensure the wakizashi blade is sharpened to a depth of about two thousandths of an inch. The blade then is prepared by having it pressed a few times on a belt at the factory before being sent to be hammered at the factory for the final polishing. Polished and re-polished blades are perfect for use in Japanese style katanas.

The blade is then coated with a rice paper glaze to render it attractive and to increase its durability. The handle of the katana is made from a single piece of wood, while the blade itself is made up of a single piece of metal alligator-style. The end of the katana is then adorned with a fiberglass stud for balance. A traditional Japanese sword maker will usually mark his name and date at the bottom of the handle.

elaborate decorations

The shape and curvature of the katana naturally lend it to having a brilliant display of detail. Often a katana will be found with elaborate decorations such as carvings or decorative handles. Many Samurai would decorate their swords with motifs such as skulls, bears and geisha (war maids). The carvings would typically include flower designs, religious images, dragons and a very effective use of contrasting colors. The curvature of a samurai’s sword can often be seen clearly in the detail of carvings and is often used as a method of personal decoration.

The wakizashi sword can be found today for sale at reasonable prices, but be careful of imitations. There are many quality wakizashi swords on the market, but it is possible to get a cheap blade by purchasing a plate-and-blade design. Plates that are not reinforced are easy to crack or warp, weakening the blade and reducing its effectiveness. Make sure you ask questions before making a purchase. A true samurai would never cut a dry silk cloth.

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