why we need to wear bulletproof jackets?

Why Wearing Bullet Proof Jackets Can Help in Therapy For Anxiety

Bulletproof vests are one of the most useful and necessary protective clothing that any armed forces personnel or law enforcing agents can have. It is usually worn by people in the police force and the armed forces but also by regular men who feel the need for it for everyday use. The reason why bulletproof jackets are so important and useful is that most criminals tend to aim at those people who are wearing these types of protective clothing. That is why in most cases criminals who are shot by police often drop their weapons immediately.


There are different types of bulletproof jackets

available in the market today which can help to cure someone of their specific phobia. A bulletproof vest is a term used to refer to the protective clothing that is worn by those people who need to be nearby of their guns. Military men are also prone to developing this particular phobia as they often associate the unease of wearing bulletproof jackets not only with their guns but with their clothes as well. Those who suffer from claustrophobic fear (fear of enclosed spaces) might feel a tingling sensation when they wear tight clothing. Most people who suffer from this specific phobia will avoid wearing tight clothes like bullet-resistant coats and jackets as much as possible.


Many people have developed a particular phobia about leggings

The major concern with this type of wearer is that the sight of a person wearing leggings might trigger a feeling of discomfort, unease, or even disgust. For people who suffer from vestiphobia, this means that they will avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes even if it is required of them by their profession. Although most leggings are made from very comfortable material, the sight of a person wearing thick socks can trigger an uncomfortable reaction. This type of reaction is called a stress reaction and is a perfectly normal reaction to most things.


Bulletproof vests and bulletproof jackets

were developed to help these people who experience the adverse effects of being around firearms but, for some reason, seem to develop a more powerful and unreasonable fear of being exposed to too much of a load of ammunition. Vets agree that this type of selective exposure therapy does work and that it can help reduce vestiphobia. The therapy consists of exposing the patient to progressively greater amounts of lethal ammunition over some time to desensitize the patient to the sight of gunfire over time. This is generally accomplished by having the patient stand directly behind the shooter, exposing them to the bullet flight as they aim at their target.


Although many sufferers of this disorder report

that they do not suffer any symptoms of panic attacks while wearing their protective vests, it has been noted that extreme anxiety can trigger panic attacks or post-traumatic stress symptoms in these individuals. This fear is caused by the fact that their bodies are trying to protect themselves from experiencing the horrible consequences of encountering a deadly weapon, particularly when their primary fear is being exposed to large amounts of ammunition or the smell of gunfire. These people may develop phobias or extreme anxiety over vestiphobia, or they may simply have an extremely abnormal level of fear about any circumstance where there is the slightest hint of danger. In other cases, the anxiety may be so severe that the victim must leave the safety of their home or place of employment immediately. The bottom line is that victims of this disorder often feel that they are unsafe and this leads to all sorts of other problems such as substance abuse and depression.


Although the symptoms may appear to subside

the causes of this anxiety can be just as intense as when these people are wearing bulletproof clothing. Researchers have noticed that when people are exposed to a traumatic event and their bodies begin to experience this intense fear, the same thing can happen to their brains as well. This means that although you may stop having anxiety attacks, your brain can trigger intense feelings of fear whenever a certain situation occurs. If the victim is wearing clothes that prevent them from experiencing this intense fear, then they will continue to feel uncomfortable around these triggers.

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