Wicker Baskets Makes Decorating Your Garden Easy

The term “wicker baskets” has been used for centuries to refer to any large basket made of woven plant fibres and used as a source of food, clothing or bedding. Wicker baskets are often crafted out of rattan, reed, cane or bamboo and these can be found in many homes around the world, from the most upmarket ones you can find in shopping malls to the very cheap varieties that are often found in rural areas. If you have ever wondered what a wicker basket is made of then you’re not alone. The confusion surrounding the term is actually a lot more understandable than it first seems.


Wicker baskets were traditionally woven out of banana leaves and twigs and even plants such as the rattan palm tree. They would then be tied together with a string and stored away. Over the years the basket has evolved into a versatile and handy item. As manufacturing technology improved, so too have the baskets used in storing items. Baskets were no longer just meant for the home; they quickly became popular in western homes particularly due to their ability to store food. They were often used to hold wine bottles, cookware, household chemicals and other odds and ends.

As the world wars approached, so did the popularity of wicker baskets. Suddenly the baskets were designed to be used as stretchers during air raids and later as weapons to be used during battle. Although they saw limited combat during World War 1, they were a much loved commodity by many families across Europe and America. Many Americans, especially those in the rural regions of the Midwest, took great pride in having a wicker basket garden near their house.


Wicker baskets are still used in the home garden today and come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and sizes. Some are simply woven baskets that are used to store garden tools while others have extra room for hanging plants, hanging ornamental fish or even a small table. A very popular style of wicker basket is a three-sided birdbath that can easily be erected into a patio. It is usually made of mesh netting or similar material that allows birds to bathe while avoiding damage to lawns and gardens. These birdbaths do not require much maintenance, although it is recommended to move the birdbath periodically for cleaning.

While wicker baskets have been a mainstay in the decorative garden design market, they have also become quite popular in the commercial sector. There are wicker fruit and vegetable baskets on the market that can be used to store seasonal produce. They can also be used to carry picnic supplies or small appliances when attending outdoor gatherings. The designs of these baskets are as varied as their users’ preferences. People who prefer the more traditional look of a wooden wicker basket may opt for reproductions or traditional wicker fruit and vegetable baskets.


Those who want to try something different may decide to use wicker baskets that incorporate an outdoor patio feature. These types of baskets serve the same purpose as other wicker items, but are installed in an outdoor setting. These outdoor baskets are most commonly used for transporting bikes, but they can be used in a variety of other situations as well. One of the most popular outdoor wicker basket models is called the saddlebar which is mounted on a saddle and can be used for a variety of things from gardening to hanging flowers. Saddlebars are also available in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and wood.

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